Ask Yourself the Right Questions About Your Life

Social Media Detox Project: Day 25

We all have things we’d like to change.

But, a lot of the time, we find the change never comes.

This is because we aren’t thinking about personal change enough.

And when we do think about change, we see it as a monolith, a whole big mess of problems we need to fix. So, we shrug and say we’ll deal with it another day.

And “another day” never comes, because we are afraid of this perceived monolith. If we even take the time to do a little self-reflection at all, and evaluate the areas we are lacking, we see so many problems that we become overwhelmed and give up before we even get started.

The thing is, change needs to be broken down. If we have a large number of problems in front of us, the best strategy is to focus on one at a time. We can’t do everything at once; we don’t have the capacity for that.

Real change requires real focus and real commitment; it is not something you can half-ass.

You have to be honest with yourself. You have to ask yourself questions about why you behave the way you do.

If we do not ask ourselves the right questions about our own lives, then we have no hope of finding the answer.

What I Did Today


Novel writing

Blog writing

Edited video

Something I Read Today

“It is important to remember that the environment drives our good behaviors as well as our bad ones. People who seem to stick to good habits with ease are often benefitting from an environment that makes those behaviors easier.

Meanwhile, people who struggle to succeed could be fighting an uphill battle against their environment. What often looks like a lack of willpower is actually the result of a poor environment.” -From Atomic Habits, by James Clear

Something I Learned Today

If you focus on things you can control, you may eventually find things which were once out of your control are no longer so far out of reach.

Practical Advice About Owning Your Life

Doing meaningful work requires a greater degree of autonomy and freedom in order to thrive. Being ordered to do things you don’t particularly enjoy day after day because money is no way to live life.

The good news is that you own your life.

You can change it.

But it’s a slow process. It takes time to get there, to build momentum and to keep it going.

The sooner you understand this, the sooner you can begin to make things happen.

Visualize Your Life, Realize Your Potential

What does your ideal life look like and what steps are you taking to make it a reality?

You have innate potential.

Don’t keep it buried underneath the shroud of self-doubt.

Wake up, reach inside and let it out.

Then show us what you can do.

Building Momentum

If you enjoy what you do and are gaining momentum, don’t let your fear interrupt it.

It takes time and energy to build up this momentum, but like a plane taking off from the runway, once it gets going its hard to stop.

So, keep going.

Don’t stop.

Always move forward. Bit by bit. Every day.

And don’t look back.

Do What You Enjoy

I’ve been focusing more energy on work I care about and less on meaningless tasks.

The goal is to get to a place where my work is wholly dedicated to the good projects.

How will I achieve this goal?

By putting dedicated time and energy into the work I care about. Bit by bit. Every day.

Or die trying.

Unstoppable World

The world is always turning.

It does not care what you think about this.

It turns and will continue to do so, no matter how hard you protest.

And why would you?

The world stops for no one.

Neither will I.

What’s your goal?

Do you own your life?