The Search for Clarity

I’m not the best at speaking out loud. It takes me time to form my thoughts into words sometimes, and I often stumble over myself when I try to explain a concept to others.

That’s because I still have much to learn.

So, I’m spending this time trying to uncover knowledge, and the unwritten words buried deep within my mind.

For many of us, buried somewhere beneath the mounds of anxiety spread throughout the world, clarity is still waiting to be unearthed.

And clarity can be achieved through solitude, not through the constant barrage of information thrown at us every minute of the day.

Checking our phones constantly doesn’t really help us or anyone else.

Here are some practical suggestions for bringing back a little clarity into your life:

  • Go on a walk (if you can find a place far from others)
  • Color (seriously, it’s relaxing)
  • Read a good book
  • Write, especially about how you’re feeling
  • Exercise
  • Garden
  • Meditate

The important things involve moving your body, feeding your brain with good stories (preferably from physical books), and creating things.

Each of us has an unknown amount of time left on this earth. No matter what we do, we can’t control it.

I don’t know when my last day will be.

But I do know that I want to spend whatever time I have left putting good things into my mind and body, and contributing positive things into the world.

What will you do to get back your clarity?

Creation, Nature, Video

Social Media Detox Project: Day 27

I really love creating.

The satisfaction I get from forming something from nothing is indescribable. I love the fluidity, the multifaceted nature of creation.

There are just so many damn ways to create.

For instance, I’ve been recording a lot of video, messing around with YouTube and different video editing software, lately.

I’m also writing two different novels, this blog, freelance writing for a startup website, developing marketing ideas for my cousin’s video game, singing in a band, and songwriting.

Because of how much fun I’m having with all these projects, I don’t really watch very much TV these days, or use social media at all–unless you count YouTube as social media, which, at this point, I don’t (I count it more as a creative tool).

In addition to all that, more projects are in the works. These involve video, which is why I’ve been leaning into it more.

Another reason I’ve been loving video, specifically, is that it has encouraged me to get outside more. I now pay attention to the smaller things, like leaves, flowers, crabs, rocks, knotholes inside trees. I get the benefit of absorbing the loveliness of nature and getting a killer tan (j/k I burn really badly) while also creating something–having my cake and eating it, too.

Maybe someday I’ll become a nature documentary filmmaker or something.

Planet Earth, here I come.

What I Did Today


Novel writing

Family time at the park

Video recording/editing

Something I Read Today

“If he gets after me again I’m going to kill him, and if I kill him they’ll hang me, and if they’re going to hang me I want a better reason.” -From Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

Something I Learned Today

The basics of Adobe After Effects, and how to dynamically link it with Premiere Pro.